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Tus Tres Maestras is bringing to you the training you need to serve small business clients with Bookkeeping and Accounting Services.




Roadmap to Grow Your Practice with Small Business Bookkeeping Services

This deep-dive series will teach you the cornerstones and actionable steps to accelerate your financial awareness and literacy around small business accounting and provide clarity around your client’s small business financial statements. We will cover the importance of real-time, small business financial management and leveraging today’s powerful technology to improve your firm’s processes and collaborate more efficiently with your clients. By the end of this series, you will have learned the roadmap to grow your tax practice with strong small business financial bookkeeping and accounting services which will in turn will pave a strong financial future for you and your clients. Transform your firm from a forms-driven business to a financial success driven business for your practice & your small business clients future!

Topics of the entire Teaching Series:

  • Designing Your Business to Grow and Thrive
    • Learn how to find clarity of what you want for your business life
  • Building Blocks that will Lead you to Significance and Success
    • Businesses are made by people, through values, vision and voice
  • Connecting Values,Vision and Voice is the Force to keep you Growing
    • Understand the power of the three principles and how to use them and how they  impact your mind set to thrive in life and business.
  • Solving the Small Business Success Puzzle
    • Financial Literacy as a universal business language
  • Small Business Workflow from Books to Tax
    • The Small Business Accounting Workflow from Books to Taxes
  • How to Organize & Manage Your Small Business Finances
    • Document collection and accurate recordkeeping
  • Building your Financial Success Team
    • Do you know which accounting professional you need
    • What can you Automate and what should you Delegate
  • Embracing Cloud Accounting
    • Understanding Technology
    • Impact of the Cloud in the Accounting World
  • Leveraging Technology
    • Solutions for the Firm of the Now
  • Enhance with Apps that Accelerate your Prosperity
    • Organization, Centralization, efficiencies, all in one
    • Creating a Process that works for you and your firm
  • Accounting Solutions  
    • Introduction to Accounting Solutions
    • Which accounting solution is perfect for you?
  • Implementing QuickBooks as accounting solution
    • Why QuickBooks?
      • Versions of QuickBooks that is best for your client
      • QuickBooks Desktop Hosted
      • QuickBooks Online
      • QuickBooks Self-Employed
    • Achieving successful results with QuickBooks Online Accountant
    • Reducing time and effort with a tool that does the work for you
  • The Books-to-Tax Lifecycle Revealed
    • Bridging the Gap between Bookkeeping and Taxes
    • Breaking down the Books-to-Tax Lifecycle
  • Year-End Wrap Up
    • Year-End Accounting & Tax Preparation Checklist
    • Know Your Forms before you sign
  • Why are Financial Statements important?
    • Financial statements reveal  the performance and the value of the business
    • Accounting is less about counting and more about measuring.
  • The Three Famous Financial Statements
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Statement of Cash Flow Reports
  • Is the  Business Healthy? Is it  Business Profitable?
    • Lean how to read and analyze the three financial statements.
  • Are the Financial statements reliable?
    • Learn the steps to ensure accuracy of the financial statements

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