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Tus Tres Maestras is bringing to you the training you need to master your finances for your Entrepreneurial Success




Mastering Your Finances for Entrepreneurial Success

This deep-dive entrepreneurial series will teach you the cornerstones and actionable steps to accelerate your financial awareness and literacy around small business bookkeeping and designing an entrepreneurial journey that fits your lifestyle and goals. By attending this deep-dive series, you will have accelerated your learning around the following:

  • How to create the best version of yourself as Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial accounting for small business owners
  • How to create the customized bookkeeping solution for your business
  • How to implement the bookkeeping workflows and applications per your industry type 
  • How to leverage today’s technology & automations to improve your processes
  • How to complete your small business accounting lifecycle from accurate books to taxes
  • How to interpret and make stronger business decisions based on your financial reports

This TusTresMaestras master course will provide clarity around your small business finances and build confidence as an Entrepreneur to build the business and implement the processes that fits your lifestyle. By the end of this series, you will have learned the journey to Mastering Your Finances for Entrepreneurial Success which will in turn will pave a stronger financial future for you and your family.

Topics of the entire Teaching Series:

  • Identifying the key characteristics of high performance entrepreneurs, knowing “your departure point” in what stage  are you in this journey. Through self assessment you get to know yourself better so you can build long and strong relationships with your clients. 
    • The Foundation for the Entrepreneur Identity
      • What makes a business  long lasting and sustainable (PEOPLE)
      • Characteristics one must grow into create long lasting performance 
      • Why do we need to know the Entrepreneurial DNI  factors?
      • Openness, Persistence, Empathic, Role Model
      • Readiness, Capable, Deserving, Honesty
    • Know our Departure Point as an Entrepreneur
      • Know yourself  – Self Assessment DISC
      • Personality Types
    • Long lasting and sustainable clients
      • Speak their language (Disc)
      • Get to know your clients (Disc)
    • Establishing a high level of connection with your clients
      • Being of Influence
      • Being a Trusted Entrepreneur
  • What Gets Measured, Gets Managed! In session two, we will cover the entrepreneurial accounting topics in plain english. We will break this language down into need-to-know lessons so that entrepreneurs can finally learn the financial literacy that matters most for their small business success.  To master your finances, you must first learn how to read, understand and measure your financial dashboard. Then with greater confidence, you will take ownership of managing this information to make more informed business decisions and to build a business for sustainable and long-term entrepreneurial success.
    • Why Financial Literacy Matters
      • Breaking down the small business success dilemma
      • Financial literacy is the universal business language
    • Accounting that makes sense
      • Every Business has an Accounting Profile
      • Accounting basics for non-financial entrepreneurs
      • Building your financials from the ground up
      • Your financial dashboard in action
    • Small Business Accounting Workflow from Books to Tax
      • Small Business Accounting Workflow
      • Learn the Books to Tax LifeCycle
      • Small Business Accounting Checklist
    • Who is on your Financial Success Team 
      • The roles of today’s accountant
      • Building a collaborative financial success team
    • Intentional Goal Setting to reach entrepreneurial success
  • Working the Small Business Workflow and Tasks for Success 
    • Preparing your Workflows with the Correct Tools
    • Visualize your Business Organized
    • Completing your Day to Day task painlessly
  • Organization that Standsout, be brilliant for free
    • Embracing technology to organize your small business
    • Building a Successful Document Organization process
  • Embracing Technology for your Financial world
    • Understanding Technology
    • Impact of the Cloud in the Business Financial World
  • Leveraging Technology
    • Solutions for your Business, learn what works for you
  • Enhance with Apps that Accelerate your Prosperity
    • Organization, Centralization, efficiencies, all in one
    • Creating a Process that works for you
  • Understanding and Mastering Your Finances 
  • Transforming your Business with the Correct Accounting Solution  
    • Close look at Accounting Solutions per Industry 
    • Which accounting solution is perfect for you?
  • Implementing QuickBooks as your accounting solution
    • Making Your QuickBooks works for You
    • Step by Step QuickBooks Implementation
  • Achieving successful results with QuickBooks Online 
    • Reducing time and effort with the QuickBooks Online that works for you
      • From Invoicing, to Banking to Reporting 
  • Accelerate your Process with your Brand New Stack of Apps
    • Discover what Apps make your Process easy
    • Implementing the Apps for your End result Success
  • How to think about Finances and Financial Reports
    • Deep financial reporting tips and techniques
    • Accounting cycle- Consistency 
    • Profit Margins %
    • KPI’s 
  • Forward Finances and Freedom
    • Make – Keep – Invest 
    • Generating passive income  from your Assets 
    • After all, What is the value of the business and the quality of your life?
  • Quick Start Taxes Guide for Entrepreneurs
    • Know thy entity
    • Estimated taxes 
    • Business deductions and credits
    • Tax Strategies for Entrepreneurs 
  • Closing your books right
    • Books to tax year-end process
    • Know thy entity forms
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Mastering Your Finances for Entrepreneurial Success

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