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We are preparing for Scaling New Heights 2018! Taming The Machines! the ProAdvisor Conference organized by Woodard Events for us and now in Spanish.

Each year, Scaling New Heights offers a wide range classes and hands-on business development training. Every year we present relevant topics of high impact to our industry.

At Scaling New Heights in 2018 the theme is “Taming the Machines”. This year, we will design some of our work sessions and major on-stage presentations to address an imminent and unprecedented technology change that affects accounting professionals. New and improved technologies such as data automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the way professionals work by creating a great opportunity for accountants to reduce manual processes by up to 80%. Those who take full advantage of the technologies will increase profits, position their companies on a new scale, and generate a competitive advantage within the accounting profession.

We are preparing a conference like no other you have been and that is why we want you to be part of this week from June 17 to 20, 2018 where you will be improving your company and the success of it to new heights with exciting results. I recommend that you make all the arrangements so that you do not stay out of this important opportunity that Intuit QuickBooks presents with Woodard.

What is included in this Super Mega Scaling Conference New Heights 2018 – Taming the Machines?

Get ready to live the most Exciting Experience for every Accountant, Advisor, Entrepreneur that takes you to another level of success, challenging you to be different and to make a difference in what you do and how you do it.

You will not leave the same, nor will you ever think the same.. You will be facing:

  1. New Concepts explained  for the first time in Spanish
  2. Applications that will mark a before and after in your business processes and advisory
  3. Dramatic changes at work and relationships that will be reflected in fundamental alliances to widen the territory that you now have and that you still do not know are knocking on your door
  4. You will be experiencing the prelude to the biggest challenge of your company through opportunities that will take you to face challenges confident in what you are about to present

The opportunity to be with people from all branches of technology and accounting at the same time, in addition to experts in Marketing, Finance and Planning are offered very rarely and this is one and only one in Atlanta, Georgia, in Spanish and for you, along with your platform, QuickBooks.

Therefore, you need to be part of the group of attendees to the Second Conference in SPANISH that Woodard is organizing to train all the Advisors and Hispanic Companies in the latest implementations of QuickBooks: Scaling New Heights 2018



I invite you to be part of this movement and training opportunity so that this 2018 is completely successful.

Register NOW with a Special Discount of 60%:  LATINOESPECIAL code (remember to select the Spanish language) : Click here and enter the code LATINOESPECIAL  Only $ 300 (A Discount never seen before)

Do not miss this opportunity to make a difference and increase efficiency in your business!

What includes:

  1. ALL Transformative Trainings and Classes
  2. FREE CLASS for QuickBooks ProAdvisor on QuickBooks Desktop/Online
  3. Exhibitors Hallway
  4. ALL Sessions, Shows and VIP Activities
  5. RELATIONSHIPS for life that will mark new alliances and business opportunities that will lead to exponential growth
  6. ALL Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks (Only with the Discount Code: LATINO)

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (786) 577-8730.

And what is the plan ? We already have ours and We are going to share it with you, We have a list of the things you need to do before, during and after the Super Mega Scaling New Heights Conference …

But first, you have to Register Now, so that you take advantage of ALL the Trainings, Sessions, Certifications, Applications, and Activities that we will be offering to the Latino community.

How do you register:



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